No fixed fee. No set up fee. No minimum fee.

AddressFix costs as little as 0.15c per clean, accurate address. Example:


No match, no charge

AddressFix makes a clear promise: if we can’t match an address you don’t pay.

Cut costs by up to 70%

AddressFix can cut the cost of updating your address records by up to 70%. Consider the costs; employee wage, time spent researching, verifying and fixing the address along with revenue lost from time taken from important money making activities, and it all adds up.

How the cost of inaccurate data adds up

It’s easy to dismiss inaccurate addresses as a minor issue. However, their true cost becomes startlingly clear when for example the expense of resending a returned letter is examined in detail:



One or two misdirected items won’t hurt your business but too many letters posted at €5.30 will. And if it were a parcel, the average cost of a failed delivery is significantly higher at €14.37.*  

However, this does not include the negative impact on brand, customer perception and most importantly lost sales opportunities. Considering you can fix this address for as little as 15c using AddressFix, it's a no brainer!

There is also the matter of all the extra value and benefits your fixed data brings you like revenue and cost efficiencies. There is no time to waste, upload your customer addresses now and get a FREE Health Check.
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