5 reasons your business needs clean data

When it comes to business and data, the goal is to transform data into information and information into insight and gain new revenues.


When we look at our data we must ask ourselves two questions.


Firstly, how is data collected and secondly, what happens to that data overtime?


Data Collection

In many cases, businesses accumulate a lot of personal information over many, many years in a variety of ways such as customer application forms, competitions, at exhibition stands, over the phone, online and so on. Much of this is subject to manual input, and in many case that input is from someone other than the owner of the data. The scope for human error is enormous. In addition, people move, and businesses open, close and change all the time.

Keeping your data current

But how do you keep track of all this change, and how do you clean your data? Much the same way as you’d clean your house. Throw out what’s old, fix what’s broken, paint what’s chipping, tidy and fold what’s out of place. Data cleansing is a process and a good system will go through your data excel spreadsheet and either remove or update information that is incomplete, incorrect, improperly formatted or duplicated.


The cleansing process can actually happen in minutes with a good system such as GeoAddressFix for example, a ‘do it yourself’ online solution for cleaning location data. It requires a simple three step process; upload the data, choose your service and download the clean spreadsheet. It’s completely fool proof but the key is to cleanse on a regular basis, at least a couple of times a year. But how often you clean your data will ultimately depend on what you use your it for and how often you require it.
For many businesses they know this makes sense, but the problem can stem from the volume of data overwhelming them. But there are solutions out there and there are great reasons to get on top of your data. Here’s our top 5 reasons you need to clean your data.


Why is data cleansing good for your business?

A clean file, is an organised file.


Accumulated information is really just confused information. Just like an untidy house, adding one piece of information on top of another without a clear out of the old and proper formatting of the current, relevant information is just disorganisation at it’s finest. And a disorganised database can lead to stress, mistakes, delays and customer irritation.
Try not to think about the fact that you are deleting data. Think more about updating, correcting and consolidating information to ensure accuracy and adding value to your database.

You’ll know more about your audience.

The more you know about your target customer, the better you can meet and exceed their needs. Having the latest, most up to date information will help you get the very best out of your marketing efforts it makes it easier to see wood or larger opportunities from the trees.

You can find new opportunities

The more you know about your customer, the more insights you can garnish to find similar markets in other areas to target. You can also identify what products and services are purchased where and when. Once you do that, you can pre-empt your customer needs and wants.

You’ll increase productivity in the workplace


Clean data actually increases productivity substantially. When you remove the old, outdated and incorrect information, you have high quality data at your fingertips. Your staff don’t have to waste hours on end trying to understand one customer from another, instead clean data instils confidence, allowing for faster decision making and greater productivity throughout the working day.

You’ll cut costs


On average, 1 in every 20 or 5% of online orders are not delivered on the first attempt. In addition, the average cost of a failed delivery is €14.37.* The biggest benefit to having a clean database on hand is the cost saving it can yield to your business. Getting your information or product to the right person first time, every time will reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.


Now is the perfect time to get your customer database in order. When you return to fully operational after the Covid-19 emergency you can let your customers know you’re back in business and there for their needs.


*Ecommerce news – www.ecommercenews.eu
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