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About AddressFix

Powered by GeoDirectory and backed by An Post and OSi, AddressFix is the simple, easy to use service that allows you to clean your existing customer address lists confidently in just minutes. There are no hidden setup charges or fees, you only pay for every address we can match!

How it works

See how easy it is to improve your address data. This short video gives you a step-by-step guide to the process. You’ll see how easy it is to get your address data working harder for your business.


Our Service Commitment

  • RespectOnly ever use your data in accordance with the provisions of the AddressFix service and for no other purposes. It’s your data not ours.
  • ImproveContinue to work on improving the service for you. The service has been independently accredited by Eircodes (99.98% accuracy).
  • EmpowerHelp you get the most from your updated customer list – watch our videos on how to get the most from your enhanced customer list.
  • SafeguardProtect your data throughout the service with regularly independent testing and verification.

How to use AddressFix

Three simple steps to enhanced customer data with AddressFix


Your address list


The Business Classifications option 


Your enhanced address list

Look who’s already using AddressFix to get ahead

Find out more about customer success stories

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Benefits of AddressFix

Unlocking your customer list’s true value

Boost revenues and cut costs

“88% of companies report that inaccurate data had a direct impact on their bottom line”

Experian Data Quality, IT Business Edge, IDC, Accenture.
Research shows that correcting poor addresses can cost you time (on average 38 hours for 1,000 addresses) and money (over €5 per address).

Make informed, insightful decisions

“42% of middle managers recognise they have made their decisions using the wrong data”

Experian Data Quality, IT Business Edge, IDC, Accenture
When you trust your data you can confidently make decisions and tailor and target your offers to the best audience.

Create unique market insights

Used correctly, AddressFix draws out unique customer insights that you may otherwise be unaware of. The more you know about your customer, the more opportunities you have to find similar markets in other areas to target. Greater insights can also help you identify what products and services are purchased where and when. Once you do that, you can pre-empt your customers’ needs and wants.

The true cost of incorrect addresses

An incorrect address can cost over €5 when you consider design and print, postage and labour. Multiply that by 100’s or even 1,000’s and it becomes very costly very quickly. That doesn’t take into consideration the sales opportunity that has been lost too.

With AddressFix the cost of getting to the right customer first time is as little as 20c per address corrected. In addition, corrected data can yield extra value and benefits such as revenue and cost efficiencies. There is no time to waste, upload your customer addresses now!

Get a free health check of your data here!

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