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Map Locations

Add Map Locations to your data. These allow you to precisely pinpoint the geographical location of buildings to within one metre and sit within the footprint of the building. Map Locations can be used to identify new customers, to find the most efficient routes for deliveries and to manage sales people required depending on the number of customers in one area.


Benefits of applying Map Locations

- Identify new areas of growth by targeting similar customers in new areas

- Co-ordinate location based sales activity

- Become greener and cut your costs to make sure you get there first time every time


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Get deeper insights into your customers 
Every business wants to better understand it's customers to both further their relationship with current customers and to understand and identify where the best locations are to gain new customers. 

Two key tools in acheiving this are Small Areas and Electoral Divisions. 

Small Areas (SA) help you get a highly detailed understanding of customer base. They enable analysis at essentially a road by road level letting you see just where your best opportunities are.

Electoral Divisions (EDs) allow you to gain additional valuable insights on your customers and potentially find new ones. It is a widely recognised tool for market research and opens up additional levels of data analysis both from the current census and from previous years

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